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    Scanf pit of doom

    Hi, I have included ample explanatory comments in my code, so I think it will be most efficient just to post it to you:

    #include "Queue.h"
    int main(void)
        QueueT Queu;
        QueueT *pQS;
        pQS = &Queu;
        char insChr;
        int menuSelection = 0;
        int *ptrMS = &menuSelection;
    //main menu
        printf("\n\nProgram has been initialized.\n");
    while (menuSelection != 7)
        printf("5:isFullQueue\n6:displayQueue\n7:Exit program\n");
        printf("Please enter your selection followed by the enter key.\n");
        //ATTN: coding help section comment
        //There is a DEATH PIT for scanf character statements here. I simply cannot get any to
        //function here or anywhere beyond here in this while statement.
        //Let me be clear that any reasonable place before the above 
        //scanf("%d",&menuSelection); statement is working fantastic but the minute I
        //go past this line, it no longer works.
            case 1:
    //ATTN: coding help section comment
    //The below two statements don't work at all. In the program, it just skips this completely.
                printf("Please enter the character to be added to the queue:\n");
                //debugging printf below to test for performance;fails, also skipped in output.
                //If I try to go ahead and do these operations in the inserQueue function
                //instead, it continues to fail miserably.
                //I can declare the variables inside of the function, but
                //any time I try to access any part of "insChr", the operation immediately
                //resumes failing.
                //I would declare them inside of the function and say crisis
                //averted but this is for a project.
            case 3:
                 printf("The next item in the queue is:\n");
            case 4:
                 printf("1 indicates empty, 0 indicates that the queue is not empty\n%d\n",isEmptyQueue(pQS));
            case 5:
                 printf("1 indicates full, 0 indicates the queue is not full\n%d\n",isFullQueue(pQS));
            case 6:
                 printf("The queue contains the following items:\n");
        //Tests the size, head and tail to make sure Circular Buffer was initialized
        return 0;

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    > scanf("%d",&menuSelection);
    Will leave a \n

    > scanf("%c",&insChr);
    Always takes the next character. %c does NOT do the normal skip leading whitespace that all the other conversion formats do.

    If you want to read the next non-whitespace character, then try
    scanf(" %c",&insChr); // note the initial space
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    Thank you for your time Salem! This worked.

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