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    Delete contact from phonebook

    Hi there!

    I will get to the point.

    I have a list of contacts.

    I can delete the contact that I want, I put all the fields in blank with a if but the position of the contact remains there.

    if((strcmp(agenda[i].name, delete_name)) == 0){
              agenda[i].name[0] = '\0';
              agenda[i].phonenumber[0] = '\0';
              agenda[i].email[0] = '\0';
    For example I have 10 contacts, 0-9 in my counter, and I delete the position 5 (the sixth contact), and after a list the contacts and the position remains there.

    I know how to solve the problem, but I don't know how to do it, for example by copying the last position to the position that was deleted and make "number_of_contacts--".

    Probably this is very easy but i'm having trouble with this
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    Think of it the other way around. Zero out empty records, set your print functions to NOT print or show zeroed out records, and have your program look for zeroed out records, to overwrite with new records being added.

    One thing you want to REALLY limit in your data, is unnecessary moving/shuffling. You can easily imagine that if you had a phonebook with 100,000 records in it, and people were being added and removed daily by the dozens, you'd have a heck of a mess with adding deleting records, and all the shuffling around that this would lead to.

    Truth is, you don't even want to sort your data - you build an index of the data that will display your data in sorted order, but you don't want to sort/resort, every time a record is added or subtracted.

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