Thread: a program recursive print from 1 to 2^n

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    What compiler are you using...

    If it's not going past 16 bits I'm guessing you're using some old DOS version of Turbo C... which has been obsolete for more than a decade.

    Grab a newer compiler... Pelles C is a good choice. When you download it spend some time in the help file and learn what's going on before you do any coding... In particular look up the tutorial on making your first project.

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    ... or use a long type.
    Right 98% of the time, and don't care about the other 3%.

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    FYI: It is normally not allowed to use a loop in a recursive function by the teachers doing the grading.

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    @OP: Also learn about bitwise shifts (<< and >>), because they'll help you in this situation.

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