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    @Tater: The program works as it is. No extra pointers are needed.

    @Salem: He posted code. My idea was that the motivation to learn, if the assignment can't be turned in for marks, is sharply diminished. Within a 24 hour period, "baby steps" couldn't work, in this case.

    Quote Originally Posted by iMalc View Post
    It appears Adak, that you didn't pay any attention to any of the stuff I posted in the last thread on this topic.
    The OP was given a link to the prior dictionary/wordlist thread. He didn't choose to use your logic. I'm not the spokesman for your algorithmic ideas. If you want to promote those concepts, go right ahead. They're not suitable in this case, but you go ahead - please!

    A suggestor was definitely not required this time, and outputting some of the lexicographically nearby words will give ridiculous "suggestions" of words that are not even remotely similar. Not to mention that the code would buffer underrun or overrun.
    The OP can figure out what he wants to add, and what he wants to subtract, or change. I made it plain it wasn't a finished program for all his needs. It was code similar to what he needs, and simple enough that he can readily learn from it. That was the goal.

    That's also an inefficient binary search, and storing all the words in a single array is wasteful.
    It will do fine. If you want to teach him a better binary search, go right ahead. If you want to teach him how to use several smaller array's, go right ahead. He's not ready for most of what you're proposing, but you go right ahead and teach him, Malcolm. I'm much too old to be swayed by your belly-aching.

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    For what it's worth I haven't used the code that was posted at all. It helped me however to understand what code was required for the task. In my program I don't have to give any suggestions for words. I have to compare a text file to a dictionary. If not in the dictionary, post an error message, scan next word. That's it. It's a basic program. The other topic on this program was great and very in depth but was too much for my capabilities. That was evident from my initial post!

    Thank you all for your input I really appreciate it. Also, I wasn't looking for a full solution, just some guidance from experienced coders and I have learned a lot from this thread.

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    Yeah I didn't mean to be the straw that broke the camels back when you were already feeling picked on. My bad.

    I did try to indicate in my last sentence that I wasn't fussed about things. On the whole it's not a bad approach to looking up words.
    My whole "one can do better" attitude there was not so much aimed at the OP, but at others that might be more capable.

    Don't take it too bad that you're "helpful to a fault". It's a nice trait to have.
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