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    Linked list management...

    Hello Reader...

    My goal is to make a Ansi C program which will me able to read a file and based on it's structure to print a generated sentence in a new file.

    My need at the moment is to read content and make arrays and linked lists of the data so i can manage the lists to make a sentence(think of subject--> verbPhrase-->adverb_phrase). My question is how can i manage the file content so i can sort it's data into lists and arrays.

    A simple file of the input file structure has been given to me for test reasons.

    So far i thought i need and array(of max 10) object types(start, subject, animal...) and 1 array for every list(ex. <subject>--><verbPhrase>--><adverbPhrase>) cause i need to pick them randomly and and 1 list for each random pick....

    any suggestions?
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    Think about it. Everything you said sounds relatively easy to code (by common sense) or google.

    And, you pretty much gave away that it's a homework assignment.

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    Oh, so no code yet. You mustn't have read the homework policy.
    You have to get started and show some effort first.

    At this stage we have no idea of you ability level. Seeing some code would help with that. I don't want to end up insulting you and wasting my time by describing how to implement a linked-list, but at the same time I don't want to post complex concepts that are way over your head.
    Make a start and ask a very specific question once you get stuck.
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