Thread: 'long long' type and printf() (on AIX 5.3)

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    'long long' type and printf() (on AIX 5.3)

    I am recently start in new company, they works on AIX v5.3 UNIX.
    Trying some C-coding I have found that I am not able to print the 'long long int' type variables.
    I have tried '%ll %L %LL %q' - no one is printing the #LL

    Surprizingly, I can not access C-printf manual here, nor to find it on internet (related to AIX)

    Most interesting that the #LL is accepted and processed well, but no way to print it

    Maybe I shoud specify for 'cc', some options?
    Maybe some specific include should be done with redefined or advansed 'printf()'?

    Here is an example of my tryes:
    int main()
       int  p1, p2, n1,n2,d1,d2;
       long long int lln=987654321000LL,
                     lld=876543210000LL, llr;
       p1=llr/100000; p2=llr%p1;
       n1=lln/100000; n2=lln%n1;
       d1=lld/100000; d2=lld%d1;
       printf("The result of calculating #LL: (%d%d) - (%d%d) = (%d%d)\n",
               (int)(lln/10000LL), 1000, (int)(lld/100000LL), 10000, p1,p2 );
       printf("another try to print: %d,%05d; %d,%05d; %d,%05d\n",p1,p2,n1,n2,d1,d2);
       printf("Trying to print 'long long' type"
              "\n - by L:  %L"
              "\n - by LL: %LL"
              "\n - by q:  %q"
              "\n - by ll: %ll"
              "\n - by dll: %dll"
              "\n - by d:  %d"
              "\n - bi i:  %i\n", llr+1LL, llr+2LL, llr+3LL,llr+4LL, llr+5LL,llr+6LL,llr+7LL);
        printf("binary for -558038695: %s\n",b_prn(-558038695,sizeof(int)) );
      return 0;
    /* results: 
    The result of calculating #LL: (987654321000) - (876543210000) = (111111111000)
    another try to print: 1111111,11000; 9876543,21000; 8765432,10000
    Trying to print 'long long' type
     - by L:
     - by LL:
     - by q:  q
     - by ll:
     - by dll: 25ll
     - by d:  -558038695
     - bi i:  25
    binary for -558038695: 11011110101111010000000101011001
    So, it shows that the 'long long' variables processed well, but to present it to printf() I do not know a specifier.

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    #include <inttypes.h>
    See if the above header works.

    If yes, then use the correct MACRO to print.


    Tim S.

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    This seems to be the printf() documentation for AIX. It looks like you have your printf specifier backwards, it should be "%lld" not "%dll".


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    found: %lld works!

    OK, never mine: the specifier '%lld' works!

    Thank you, guys!
    I did not see yet your replay and very appreciate it

    And special thanks for links!
    Very usefull!
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    I'm the winner - for AIX documentation link anyway

    >> #include <inttypes.h>
    FYI - Posix 2008 version is here (not that it's any different):

    Root link:
    The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 7


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