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    Missing bits

    I have this block of code which is meant to output the lines of numbers generated and which should do so in a patter whereby the first line has 300 1s+0s and each subsequent line has ten fewer characters until the final one which has only 10. For some reason when I run it however I get some lines shorter than they should be. Specifically the fourth line generated by this is only 205 characters long instead of the 260 characters it should be. Also line 12 is only 55 characters long. Where is the problem in the code?

    		for(bi=1; bi<31; bi++) { 			b[bi].trait[0]=b[31].trait[bi*10];
    			for(i=1; i<(310-(bi*10)); i++) { 
    				if(ri>1689) for(i=0; i<2000; i++) { 
    				if(b[bi].trait[i-1]) { 
    					if(!b[bi].trait[i]) b[bi].counter[i+1]++;
    				else { 
    					b[bi].trait[i]=rev(b[bi].counter[i], ii);
    					if(!b[bi].trait[i]) b[bi].counter[i+1]=b[bi].counter[i]+1;
    				fprintf(fp, "%d", b[bi].trait[i]); 
    			fprintf(fp, "\n");

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    Perhaps you should post ALL the declarations of those arrays you're using.

    It sounds like a pretty fair bet that you're running off the end of at least one of them.

    Perhaps add some code to verify your subscripts (or at least the apparent ranges).
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    You're incrementing i in this outer for loop, and then incrementing i again, in the inner loop.

    That's usually an error in logic.

    for(i=1; i<(310-(bi*10)); i++) {
            if(ri>1689) for(i=0; i<2000; i++) {

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