Thread: I need your Help, structure in memory

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    I need your Help, structure in memory

    Hello i'm a beginner at c programming and i need your help to write a program asking the user to enter the number of rows and columns and then generate the following structure in memory (if 3x3 is specified) each node will hold a number, i would be grateful if someone can help me out. i need pointers (ptrl(left) ptrr(right) ptrd(down) ptru(up)) and malloc, nodes start, curr, prev, in the code. thanks for reading

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    You apparently missed this: Announcements - General Programming Boards

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    oh sorry about that its not my homework its a question i'm doing and i dont know where to start

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    Of course it's homework... nobody writes screwball code like that out of personal interest

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    I'm curious as to what your previous "homework" question was like?

    > i dont know where to start
    I mean, you must have written some non-trivial (if small) programs by now, and have developed some strategies to solve such questions.

    At least to the point that you might make some kind of attempt at it.

    Here's something to read -> A development process
    It might help you break the problem down into some steps you can manage.

    It looks like a nice little end of semester question to see who's been paying attention in class, and doing their own assignments.
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