Thread: Im going mad Visual Studio 2008

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    Im going mad Visual Studio 2008

    Hi There, im using Visul Studio 2008 and need to add a library.

    I have inherited an old file with a link file

    When i go to "Properties", "Linker", "Input" on the Additional Dependencies shows "vcisdk.lib" this file is saved in a program in my programme files, however it totally work brilliant.

    How do i replicate this in a brand new file. Ive tired dragging it onto my solution explorer, part of the file address, just file name, nothing seems to work.
    I know there proberly a simple explanation but im lost.


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    your question isn't totally clear, but if you want to add an existing .lib file to your project, you enter its name in the properties->linker->input line just like that other file. separate .lib file names with a semicolon. no need to drag and drop

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    Under the general linker settings, look for "additional library directories", the path to the folder containing that .lib should be listed in there. That's probably what you're missing in new projects.
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