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    search word in array

    i want search a word in example. ex: search word "name" in this array. "what is your name"
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    Then I say do it. Are you looking for cheerleaders or something?
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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    but i don't know how to do that.

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    Well, do you know how to do anything in C? If not, start here: C, C++ Programming Tutorials - Google some more tutorials, and find a good book or ten. Read, study, and work the examples.

    Then, take your best shot at solving this. Post your attempt with specific problems/questions you have, and we will help you out.

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    Look up strstr(). It searches a string (a char array), and reports the position of any substring you want it to look for.

    You need to include string.h in your list of include files.

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