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    Creating a Sorted Linked List

    So I've gotten to the point where my data is being read in correctly in my getData function, but it crashes when I try to create the linked list..
    /*    Test driver for list functions.
           Written by:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define GPA_DS "gpaDS.txt"
    #define MAX_SIZE 1000
    //    Global Declarations
    typedef struct
        char pin[4];
        char *name;
        double gpa;
    }   STU;
    typedef struct nodeTag
        STU            data;
        struct nodeTag* link;
    } NODE;
    //    Function Declarations
    NODE* insertNode (NODE*  pList, NODE*  pPre, STU  item);
    int  searchList (NODE*  pList, NODE**   pPre,
                      NODE** pCur,  char* target);
    void  printList  (NODE*  pList);
    NODE* buildList  (char*  fileID);
    int  getData    (FILE*  fpData, STU* pData);
    //    Header file to include functions (Not in text)
    int main (void)
    //    Local Declarations
        NODE*  pList;
        NODE*  pPre;
        NODE*  pCur;
        STU   data;
    //    Statements
        printf("Begin list test driver\n\n");
        //    Build List
        pList = buildList(GPA_DS);
        if (!pList)
            printf("Error building chron file\a\n");
            exit  (100);
        } // if
        printList (pList);
        printf("\nTests complete.\n");
        return 0;
    } // main
    /*    ==================== insertNode ====================
        This function inserts a single node into a linear list.
           Pre   pList is pointer to the list; may be null
                 pPre points to new node’s predecessor
                 item contains data to be inserted
           Post  returns the head pointer
    NODE* insertNode (NODE* pList, NODE* pPre, STU item)
    //    Local Declarations
        NODE* pNew;
    //    Statements
        if (!(pNew  = (NODE*)malloc(sizeof(NODE))))
            printf("\aMemory overflow in insert\n"), exit (100);
        pNew->data = item;
        if (pPre == NULL)
            // Inserting before first node or to empty list
            pNew->link  = pList;
            pList       = pNew;
        } // if pPre
            // Inserting in middle or at end
            pNew->link = pPre->link;
            pPre->link = pNew;
        } // else
        return pList;
    }    // insertNode
    /*    ==================== searchList ====================
        Given key value, finds the location of a node
           Pre   pList points to a head node
                 pPre points to variable to receive pred
                 pCur points to variable for current node
                 target is key being sought
           Post  pCur points to first node with >= key
                 -or- null if target > key of last node
                 pPre points to largest node < than key
                 -or- null if target < key of first node
                 function returns true if found
                                  false if not found
    int searchList (NODE*  pList, NODE**   pPre,
                     NODE** pCur,  char* target)
    //    Local Declarations
        int found = 0;
    //    Statements
        *pPre = NULL;
        *pCur = pList;
        // start the search from beginning
        while (*pCur != NULL && (strcmp(target, (*pCur)-> > 0))
            *pPre = *pCur;
            *pCur = (*pCur)->link;
        } // while
        if (*pCur && (strcmp(target, (*pCur)-> == 0))
           found = 1;
        return found;
    }    // searchList
    /*    Traverse and print a linear list.
           Pre   pList is a valid linear list
           Post  List has been printed
    void printList (NODE* pList)
    //    Local Declarations
        NODE* pWalker;
    //    Statements
        pWalker = pList;
        printf("List contains:\n");
        while (pWalker)
            printf("%s %s %4.2lf\n", pWalker->, pWalker->, pWalker->data.gpa);
            pWalker = pWalker->link;
        } // while
    } // printList
    /*    ==================== buildList ====================
        This program builds a key-sequenced linear list.
           Pre   fileID is file that contains data for list
           Post  list built
                 returns pointer to head of list
    NODE* buildList (char* fileID)
    //    Local Declarations
        STU  data;
        NODE* pList;
        NODE* pPre;
        NODE* pCur;
        FILE* fpData;
    //    Statements
        pList = NULL;
        fpData = fopen(fileID, "r");
        if (!fpData)
            printf("Error opening file %s\a\n", fileID);
            //exit (210);
        } // if open fail
        while (getData (fpData, &data))
            // Determine insert position
            searchList (pList, &pPre, &pCur,;
            pList = insertNode(pList, pPre, data);
        } // while
        return pList;
    } // buildList
    /*    ==================== getData ====================
        Reads data from file.
           Pre   fpData is an open file
                 pData is pointer to input structure
           Post  data read
                 returns success/failure
    int getData (FILE* fpData, STU* pData)
    //    Local Definitions
        int ioResult;
        char temp[MAX_SIZE];
        char *pGpa, *pEnd, *pName;
    //    Statements
        fgets(temp, sizeof(temp), fpData);
        sscanf(temp, "%4s", pData->pin);
        pGpa = strrchr(temp, ';') + 1;
        pData->gpa = strtod(pGpa, &pEnd);
        *pGpa = '\0';
        pName = temp + sizeof(pData->pin);
        pData->name = (char *)calloc (strlen(pName) + 1, sizeof(char));
            printf("Error! Out of memory\n");
        strcpy(pData->name, pName);
        printf("%s %s %.2lf\n", pData->pin, pData->name, pData->gpa);
        ioResult = 1;
        if (ioResult == 1)
           return 1;
           return 0;
    }    // getData
    I'm getting really frustrated.. I know there's something in the buildList function but I can't seem to find the bug..

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    The data is in the format:
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    So what line does your debugger say it is crashing on, and what is the crash message?
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