Thread: question on function pointers

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    question on function pointers

    Hello I have another question this one regards function pointers.
    I have an api function that has the following prototype.

    int sqlite3_exec( 
      sqlite3*,                                  /* An open database */
      const char *sql,                           /* SQL to be evaluated */
      int (*callback)(void*,int,char**,char**),  /* Callback function */
      void *,                                    /* 1st argument to callback*/
      char **errmsg                              /* Error msg written here */

    the callback function takes a void pointer for the argument and returns
    an integer used for sqlite return code.

    I need to be able to return values from the callback function however I
    am not sure how I can do that. I have heard that u can pass a function
    pointer as the argument to be able to this but I am not sure how this is
    If anyone can help me with this I would be greatful. I have spent a long
    time trying to figure this out on my own I have to go sleep now.

    thank you.

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    You just define your function with the same signature as the pointer:
    int my_callback(void *ptr1, int num, char **ptr2, char **ptr3)
      // Code goes here
    Then you just pass the name of your function in as the parameter:
    sqlite3_exec(sqlite, "blah blah blah", my_callback, ptr1, "You messed up!");
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    I understand this, my question is that since the callback function returns an integer and I need to retrieve a struct from it, how can I do this? So basically is there a way I can pass a pointer as argument where I can save my values and be able to retrieve them from the pointer outside of the function? the argument takes a void pointer so I will have to cast it and assign it to another variable. I assume defining a global variable pointer to a struct will work but not sure.

    static struct test *arg;
    int main()
       struct test *q;
       q = malloc(sizeof(struct test));
       /* allocate memory for any further values needed for struct */
       sqlite3_exec(sqlite, sqlstmt, my_callback, &q, &error);
    int my_callback(void *ptr1, int num, char **ptr2, char **ptr3)
       arg = (struct test *)ptr1;
       /* update arg values */

    I have not tried this yet but I assume it should do the job if you have any suggestions please let me know.

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