Thread: How to build lib files in windows?

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    How to build lib files in windows?


    I am using code::blocks IDE for program development. If I have my program file (some functions without main) x.c and its function prototypes are in x.h header file. I want to create a libx.a file from this, how it can be done using this IDE under windows (using default mingw gcc compiler)?. When try to build x.c, it produces x.o file without x.exe with error message of not having main (which is natural !!!). Is this x.o file can be use to build libx.a file? If I build libx.a file, can it be used as standard library function?

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    Look in your MinGW documentation (if you don't have it, get it)... I believe you'll find that instead of linking it you want to use the library manager.

    Also look in Code::Blocks help documentation, I believe there is a "project type" that does this for you.

    Of course you could make your live a lot easier and get Pelles C and pick "Win32 Static Library" or "Win64 Static Library" from the project selection dialog.

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    Thanks Tater,

    I could build libx.a file. I made one folder "own_lib", in which I further made two folders "include" and "lib". I copied libx.a file in the "lib" folder and header file x.h in the "include" folder. In code::blocks settings of library finder I added path for these folders. In scanning of "lib" folder, code::blocks generates a message that no library found. Where I did wrong? How can I use my own build libraries similar to the standard libraries in my programs?

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    FAQ-Compiling (errors) - CodeBlocks

    I suggest turning on CB Full Compiler Logging and hope an MinGW expert sees the problem.

    Tim S.

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