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    Matrix of Strings

    Write a program for handling and using time table for a student.
    a. Define a matrix of strings “table[hour][day]” that its elements are strings representing the subjects` lectures given on that dayand hour. Initialize the table by a function.
    b. Define void function that updates the table with the appropriate subject lectures.
    c. Define void function that returns the subject given in a specified date in the table.
    d. Define void function that returns the “free hours” of the student in a week. That is the hours when no lectures in theweek timetable.
    e. Write a program: Input data from keyboard and print the time table. Next print in a list all the “free hours” in a week.
    Comment: Use C Library functions: strcpy and strcmp.

    Please, if somebody can help me...

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    No luck here, so thought you'd see if anyone here would do your homework for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dime3 View Post
    c. Define void function that returns ...
    d. Define void function that returns ...
    This I'd like to see.

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