Thread: Segmentation Fault!!

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    Segmentation Fault!!

    In creating a program to read an inventory list, ran into a segmentation fault, I tried removing lines in the program using // and still couldn't find the problem, Im pretty sure the problem is with the pointer not the NULL due to the testing iv done but not completely sure.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    typedef struct
        int item, volume, quantity;
        char description[50], author[30];
        int ISBN;
    int main()
        rectype rec;
        FILE *f;
        if ((f = fopen("GRANDVENTORY", "r")) == NULL)
        printf("\n\n\n\n\n\t\t\tAWWWW FUUUUIII....Unable to open file GRANDVENTORY!!!\n\n\n\n\n");
       fscanf(f, "%d", rec.item);
         if (!feof(f))
         fscanf(f, "%s", rec.description);
         fscanf(f, "%d", rec.volume);
         fscanf(f, "%d", rec.quantity);
         fscanf(f, "%s",;
         fscanf(f, "%d", rec.ISBN);
         printf("    %d \t\t %d \t\t %s \t\t %s \t\t %d \t\t %d \n", rec.item, rec.ISBN, rec.description,, rec.volume, rec.quantity);
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    just a guess:
    author is only 30 chars long, maybe you try to put there something with more chars?
    then you may fall in the printf.

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    Just ran it and it didn't seem to change anything we still ran into the segmentation fault, the ISBN may be long for a %d but I dont think that would cause a segfault. Here is a sample from our Inventory

    10 9780135089729 (CSMART EBOOK) PROACTIVE POLICE MANAGEMENT THIBAULT 11 82 (item #, ISBN, Title, Author, Edition, Quantity)

    Thank you for looking into it, any further advice would be appreciated

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    When reading a value with %d format, an address needs to be passed. For example, fscanf(f, "%d", &rec.volume);

    If the ISBN is too long to be an int, scanf() will stop reading before reaching the end of the ISBN from the file. That may not cause a segmentation fault, but will certainly cause your file to be read incorrectly.
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    You got it exactly, im embarrassed i missed that, thank you.

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