Thread: help creating the program cannot understand at all

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    help creating the program cannot understand at all

    Design and implement a basic record keeping system for a class
    The program should store all records in a single file
    The user should be able to:
    o Add a student(name,student number)
    o Edit student or student number
    o Add the results of each exam (assume 3 exam result to store)
    o Edit exam results
    o Search for a student
    o Seerach for a student by student number
    o List all students in the system
    Calculate the lowest, average and highest grade in the class for each of the 3 exam results.

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    You need to get it started, somehow. Post whatever you can do of your code, using code tags around the code, and tell us:

    1) What you are getting for compiler errors
    2) What else is critical to your specific questions.

    Note that "It won't work", doesn't work well for us. Don't put this off, because it will take longer than you expect, I expect.

    And welcome to the forum, moe84!

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