Thread: Question about structure declaration

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    Question about structure declaration


    I was browsing through the apache source code and I found the following in the mod_so.c file:

    module AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA so_module = {
       NULL,                 /* create per-dir config */
       NULL,                 /* merge per-dir config */
       so_sconf_create,      /* server config */
       NULL,                 /* merge server config */
       so_cmds,              /* command apr_table_t */
       register_hooks        /* register hooks */
    I guess the AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA is a structure, but can somebody explain to me, what the "module" can be?

    As I know if I declare a structure like this:

    typedef struct
    int variable;
    } my_struct_t;
    than I will be able to use this structure like this:

    my_struct_t obj = {
    Just to be clear, I'm not interested in what this structure is actually doing in apache, it is just an example to my question.

    Can be the "module" keyword only just an alias for struct, so it would be something like this?

    struct AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA so_module;

    Thank you.

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    It could well be an alias for struct, perhaps with an additional compiler directive to put it in a certain section or whatever. It'll probably be defined as a macro in some header file - I'd suggest grepping through the source for lines that contain both 'module' and 'define'.

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