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    C projects

    Hi !

    I am a beginner in C. I wish to try my knowledge with projects.

    Could you please help me in giving project ideas?


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    I wouldn't recommend projects just yet. Do a lot of exercises and problems (puzzles are good), so you can build up your C skills. If you look through the forum, you'll find hundreds of problems from students - mostly beginners like yourself.

    If you were to read the first post of the problem, and ask yourself "How would I program a solution to this?", you'll have a lot of programming exercises, right there. The solution when found, isn't always posted, but every thread will have at least some substantial hints to make the task clearer.

    When you're ready for something more challenging, try Project Euler and Sphere Online Judge. Both have some simple problems, but also, some real head scratchers.

    And Welcome to our forum, Riswana Jaffer!
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    also find some good tutorial from youtube of lectures they help a lot

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