Thread: compiler keeps giving undefined reference errors

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    compiler keeps giving undefined reference errors

    hey guys so there is this program i am working on. it has a symbolic link so the main() i cant modify. each run or compile i would get undefined reference errors. could someone tell me some general things to look for in the programs and functions to fix it? i wont post the code since there is no use in and just need a general answer. thanks!

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    An undefined reference error is when you promise the compiler that a function/global varianle exists (e.g. by declaring it like "int foo();" or #include-ing a header file that does) but then you don't provide a definition in your source, nor do you link a library that does.

    It sounds like you're trying to compile more than one file at a time, so I'm guessing one of the source files references a function in another source file? If this is the case, just include both on your command-line (e.g. "cc file1.c file2.c"). Otherwise, please provide the exact error you're getting and the command-line you're using.

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