Thread: Implementing a chat program and thus involving majority of networking concepts.

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    Implementing a chat program and thus involving majority of networking concepts.

    This is what I have thought:
    1. Logging the chat messages (exchanged by the
      clients) on the server.
    2. Registration of ALL clients on the server on
      their start up.
    3. Client should be able to add another client on
      his list for chatting.
    4. When a client logs in from other side, its
      friend client should be able to see it online.

    Now, to add to this, there can be things like sharing
    text/voice/video files etc, but then the focus will
    be on compression majorly.

    With the chat program, my intention is to learn the
    majority of "networking" concepts.

    What else, can be implemented (in this chat program)
    which can brush up my "networking" concepts?

    P.S. I couldn't figure out which forum to put this in. Please move this if required.

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    Read Beej's Guide to Network Programming many times over, very carefully and try all the examples.
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