Thread: heap data structure question..

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    heap data structure question..

    there is T a binary tree, for each z node (not a leaf) we define
    NPL(z) (null path length) as the length of the shortest path from the node to the leaf.
    we add npl[z] to each node.
    binary tree T is called left tree if npl[left[z]]>=npl[right[z]]

    the left tree H is called left heap if for every node z
    k- represents the priority if the heap

    prove that if we build a binary heap as a binary tree (using pointers ,not arrays) then its left heap

    so we need to show that our binary tree is left
    by npl[left[z]]>=npl[right[z]]
    key[parent[z]]<=key[z] in our tree

    in my book a heap is represented by an array and we translate this array into a tree picture

    i dont know how to imagine this tree they want me to show about

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    Duplicated here: merging two heaps in psedo code.

    Mods, please lock/close.

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