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    prompted string problems

    I am writing a program that prompts the user for a string. This string will then have an extracted substing. I've written this code below but whenever I compile it It'll prompt the user for the string and then freeze up. I know my problem is with the way I am storing the initial string but can't find in my book how to do this. I'm new and yes this if for homework. I couldn't find help with this on any other postings. I just want to be pointed in the right way. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,prompted string problems-10-4-jpg

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    If there's any whitespace in your inputted text it will foul things up. You'll have to use something like fgets() to get the string instead of scanf().
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    Also, copy / paste your code, NOT a screen-shot.
    We can't copy your code without a lot of pointless effort to read your picture and manually type the code (that won't happen).

    It should look like this
    int main ( ) {
        // code here
        return 0;
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