Thread: How do I print just word from a string and not numbers

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    How do I print just word from a string and not numbers

    Lets a string contains "Hello 1 2 3 4 5"

    how do I print just Hello and not everything else.
    Is there a method to print until the space.

    I know I can print the first 5 characters with a loop, but i want a different method to stop just at the space.

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    The function strtok is a possible option; I have not used it in years. So, I will be no further help.
    strtok - C++ Reference

    Tim S.

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    If you don't mind hacking up your original string, you can do:
    *strchr(str, ' ') = '\0';
    printf("%s", str);
    Otherwise, maybe:
    char *s;
    for(s = str;*s != ' ';++s)
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    I thought the following might help from the string.h library. C string functions
    You would have to write a function to "slice" the non-numeric chars out of your string but you could use strpbrk to determine locations of the numeric values.

    If you coppied it one char at a time you could write a while loop with an exit condition of NULL and copy the non-numeric chars one at a time into your new array. You'd have to remember to manually add a NULL termination to the end of the new array afterwards.

    char *strpbrk( const char *s1, const char *s2)
    • returns a pointer to the first instance in s1 of any character found in s2. Returns a NULL pointer if no characters from s2 are encountered in s1.

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