Thread: Text files scan problem.

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    Text files scan problem.

    First my text files contain the following information...

    Shanie Programmer Full Time Kuala Lumpur
    Andy Sales Agent Part Time Johor Bahru
    Elaine Database Administrator Full Time Melaka
    Stephanie MIS manager Full Time Penang

    __________________________________________________ ______

    Now my code for scanning this text files...

    #include <stdio.h>
        struct PayRecord {
            char name[50];
            char programme[50];
            char time[50];
            char location[50];
        int main(void)
            FILE *file1;
            struct PayRecord p;
            file1 = fopen("file1.txt", "r");
            if (file1 == NULL) 
                while(fscanf(file1,"%s", & != EOF)
                    fscanf(file1,"%[^\n]", &p.programme);
                    fscanf(file1,"%[^\n]", &p.time);
                    fscanf(file1,"%[^\n]", &p.location);
                    printf("%s ",;
                    printf("%s ", p.programme);
                    printf("%s", p.time);
                    printf("%s", p.location);
            return 0;
    Below is my result...

    Text files scan problem.-untitled-jpg

    As you can see, the problem has shown in the image. So how could I solve this problem? Very thanks you.
    Attached Images Attached Images Text files scan problem.-untitled-jpg 

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    Opps...sorry. Please ignored the second image. Pls...just view the first image. Thanks.

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