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    c programme

    Suppose you have to develop a program for managing the sales of your Mohallah grocery store. The following functions have been requested by your client (the Dukaan wala):
     The program should allow the user to select and buy different items present in that shop.
     The user should be able to see the items that he has bought and print his total bill on the screen
     The program should not end until the user specifies it to end. (The user should press 'q' to quit the program)
    Develop the flowchart for this task and implement it in C.

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    Welcome Yousra fatima!

    We don't do what you might be thinking we do. We don't start people's assignments or programs for them (99% of the time). You are attending the class, and heard the lecture, etc. We didn't, and it is your assignment. So it's up to you to get the program started. If you get stuck on code or pseudo code, come back and post what you have done, and ask specific questions for help, and we'll try to give you help to get the problems worked out.

    The start is up to you, however. If you break it down into input from a data file --> going into an array of structs, one struct of the array, for each item in the store --> then that array could be searched for by the customer, using your program, and they could see the description of the product, the size, the cost, etc.

    It's a big assignment.

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