Thread: c code requested- really hard problem

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    c code requested- really hard problem

    i am writing a code which is as follows:

    include <stdio.h>
     int main(void)
     char buffer[2500];
     FILE * myfile;
     myfile = fopen("/home/csgrads/akhan015/desktop/benchmark/coverage/test0/stmt.txt","r");
     while (!feof(myfile))
     return 0;
     } this code i am accessing a folder to read a text file. this test0 folder is only 1 folder of the 1500 folders i have to read in which i have to open and compare 1500 txt files which are in test0... test1500. i can only access the text file through path( this is the only way i know to access the text file placed in a folder).please can someone tell how can i access 1500 folders in a loop or some other way. a code snippet would be really appreciated.

    2.for each of 1500 text files and i have to compare the strings in them such that if two files have similar strings then i keep only 1 of it in a buffer and compare it with the next file. if theses two have some strings different then i will unite them.and remember the folder name e.g test 19, test 100 in a separate file.if somebody has an idea abt it please help me.

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    What operating system is this for?

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    Well, maybe this will help to a great degree: FAQ > Accessing a directory and all the files within it

    I think you're asking a little much from the one or two people that will answer this, but all operating systems have their own API you can use for traversing directories (and since you chose C, this is as good as it gets). Get familiar with the way your OS does it. Then you know that part.

    As a tip, it's an exceedingly good idea to work with one or two files open at a time instead of 1500. So devise a step by step algorithm that will do what you want and then write it in C.

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    "What operating system is this for? "

    i am sorry i forgot to mention: linux

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    Save your path as a string: pathFile. Include string.h header file, and strcat "/test" onto your pathFile array (or just assign the letters if you prefer). Then keep a number for the file you want to open next (and which you will increment as each file is handled, in your big for() loop for this).

    To get the right file name, increment your file number, and itoa() it over to a small char array - remember to keep an extra element for the end of string char.

    Now append that only the pathFile string with strcat(), and you have your next file to be opened.

    And if your file number starts with 0, and you have 1500 files, your highest file number will be 1499 (of course).

    This is all straight forward string work, so don't let the 1500 files number scare you - if you can do this for 5 files, you can do it for 1500 files.

    The tricky part in your description was the "similar" strings part. You'll have to really nail that down for the computer, in your program. But don't worry about the file handling. It's no problem.

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