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    Addition to FAQ

    This thread should be added to the FAQ. I have seen numerous request on how to convert an integer or character to binary. I get the impression from the people posting that they believe it is stored in memory differently if it is binary or hex or decimal or character. The FAQ response should explain that these values are already stored in memory as binary. It is the output conversion that determines how it is displayed, not the way it is stored in memory.

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    That's a good one sigma. But you know, the main problem is that no one is reading FAQ's.
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    Just a passing thought about not using the faq.

    I just started using this board about a month ago and have seen a few 'comments' about how people should use the faq. Not being totally literate (in the computer sense?!) I thought that to get to the faq would be achieved by cliking the button at the top of the boards web page. (the one beside search)

    Although this took me to a faq it was on how to use the board and had nothing to do about programming. I only realised about a week ago that the link was at the bottom of this faq page (doh)

    is this me being a fool or is it bad/unclear GUI design?

    yours thoughtfully,

    Steu Pideous

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