Thread: SVGA mode in Borland C

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    SVGA mode in Borland C

    I'm using Turbo C (3.0 to be exact) and I was wondering how do I call the video to a SVGA mode. Any help? Thanks ;-)

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    First consult the RBIL and look up the VESA VBE functions on int 10h.

    To set the video mode:

    mov ax,4F02
    mov bx,mode
    les di,CRTCbufferblock
    int 10h

    note that you do not have to load ESI with anything if bit 11 in the mode is not set.

    To enable the LFB, set bit 13 in the mode - only valid for protected mode and for video modes that support the LFB.

    Again, get RBIL and look up the functions.

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    the mode

    What's the exact mode of it? For example, mode 12h is 640x480 VGA (16 colors), 13h is 340x200 VGA (256 colors), mode blah blah blah.

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    There was a bit of board processing up there. He meant ES: DI, the memory address register [if i'm not mistaken] of the 8086. Oh and the modes vary from card to card, as do their capabilities, so it's not as straight forward [or compatible] as 13h would be. Not to mention using VESA is [unfortunately] looked upon as outdated by much of the newer community. Here are the general steps for getting you started. [read up on RBIL and the VBE 3.x specs to implement it...]

    1.) get the controller information and modes list
    2.) get the pointer to the video display [and any backbuffers if you use them]
    3.) enjoy...
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    Thanks for the input ;-)

    By using te video interrupt 10h and the C interrupt function, I was able to set it in SVGA:

    void set_mode_svga(void)

    union REGS inregs,outregs;

    inregs.h.ah = 0; = 0x005f; // video mode to change to

    int86(0x10, &inregs, &outregs);

    Only problem is, it's showing double images at the top of the screen. I think I can figure that out, though. Thanks ;-)
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