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    Wink need a bit knowledge...

    i really want to creat something like a shell programm.. and i want to know how i can make this ----> [xlord@xlord]# stay in the program..
    like for example if i was to type in "ls" or "cat" well i want it go go back to
    [xlord@xlord]#. Unless i wanted it to show filez when i was going to do
    [xlord@xlord]# ls ... but all i want is to make it go back to the shell..

    thanx... if anyone can help me start this.. if not thanx anyway..

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    just create an infinite loop that keeps spitting that out as a command line.

    scanf("%c", &chr);

    if( chr == 'q') break;

    that way you provide youirself an out in case you need to escape back to the shell.


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    ok i have done what you said and when i type in 'q' to exit the program...
    what happendz is it prints the shell again.. and if i was to do qq it will print it twice... hhmm..

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