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    File Operations

    I'm writing this function to read in data from a .txt file containing double variables in the form:

    1.00 2.00
    2.00 3.00

    How do i ensure that any empty lines after [2.00,3.00] doesn't get read in and stored?

    The code below still reads in and store the value.

    int read_data(double data[][2]){		// return number of set of data
    	int i=0;
    	FILE *fp;							// File Pointer Declaration
    	fp = fopen("test.txt","r");			// Open the file for reading
    	if(fp == NULL)						// If file is empty/not present, print error
    		printf("File Error");	
    	else {
    		while (!feof(fp)){				// Else carry on till end of file is reached
    			printf("\nRow %d %.2lf %.2lf",i,data[i][0],data[i][1]);
    		fclose(fp);						// Close file 
    	return i-1;								// Numbers of rows returned
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    You read the manual page for fscanf and pay particular attention to the section titled Return Values

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