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    I just need some guidance about two things please

    1. Is reversing a string same as swaping it???
    can one use swap function for this purpose?

    2. I was supposed to alphatize the strings, and I used 'atof' and 'atoi' functions simultaneously. My compiler gave me some weired errors and didn't compile. I couldn't even undrstand those errors. Did I use the right functions??

    any kind of help is appreciated

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    void main()
    char *m;
    char i,char1,char2;
    printf("your message:");
    it was for your first question
    i hope it's ok

    and for your second question
    you can use strcmp func. (string.h)
    it compares the strings with their ascii values

    if str1 < str2 --> it returns a negative value
    if str1 = str2 --> it returns 0
    if str1 > str2 --> it returns a positive value

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    Thanx kdt,
    I understand the first answer, but for the secong one, I'm supposed to alphabetize the strings. Like

    as if i have 4 strings. My job is to put those 4 strings into alphabetical order and renumber them appropriately.

    Please don't think that I don't wanna do my homework; I have been trying & trying, but I'm not a good programmar. Thank you very much for your anticipation.

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    you can use an array for the strings
    and for example bubble sort to sort them
    think them like an integer but use strcmp() to sort them

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