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    Floating Point Modulus

    I'm trying to find the modulus of two floating point numbers. I should be able to use fmodf, but I'm getting seemingly random values when I pass it the numerator as a variable.

    For example,
    alpha = fmodf(31, 7);
    returns 3.000000, which is correct, but
    float theta_demand = 31;
    alpha = fmodf(theta_demand, 7);
    returns 6.000000, which makes no sense.

    Anyone had this problem before?


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    Nope. Here's my test program and output:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    int main(void)
        float theta = 31;
        float alpha;
        alpha = fmodf(31, 7);
        printf("Using just literals, alpha = %f\n", alpha);
        fmodf(theta, 7);
        printf("Using a variable in the numerator, alpha = %f\n", alpha);
        return 0;
    $ gcc -Wall -o fmod fmod.c -lm
    $ ./fmod
    Using just literals, alpha = 3.000000
    Using a variable in the numerator, alpha = 3.000000
    Can you give us the smallest possible complete program that shows the differing behavior? Also, what OS, compiler, IDE, etc are you using (names and versions)?
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    I tried your code and got the same results as you. I then realised that I'd used theta_demand (the variable name I was passing to fmodf) as a parameter in the function I was writing, and I was initialising it with the value (31) outside it. Stupid mistake really, but thanks for helping me find it.

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