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    c program

    I have this program that I wrote a few weeks ago:
    int main()
      float grade;
      printf("\nEnter Grade:\n");
      scanf("%f", &grade);
      if( grade >= 90)
      printf("Your grade is:A");
      else if ( grade >= 80)
      printf("Your grade: B");
      else if ( grade >= 70)
      printf("Your grade: C");
      else if ( grade >= 60)
      printf("Your grade: D");
      else if ( grade <= 59)
      printf("Your grade: F");
    return 0;
    Now i have to repeat this for 6 students. How do I know which loop to use?

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    Are you sitting in class during a test asking us these questions?

    For, While and Do While Loops in C -

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    Unless the grade variable can be a floating point number, always use an integer for number variable data types.

    You can use a while loop, but if you know the number of times you need to loop (6 in this case), then a for loop is easiest and clearest.

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    A development process
    Study carefully what happens at step 5.

    When you have a function to process one student, write a loop to call it 6 times.
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