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    Non repeat random number generator

    Hi everyone, well i'm new to c programming..basically i need some help of how to figure out a non repeat random number generator...i got an assignment on the question..

    Six numbers between 1 and 40 inclusive are generated at random.
    If a number has been generated it is not generated a second time.

    Each time the game is played a completely new and random set of six numbers between 1 and 40 inclusive are generated.

    A player can bet any six numbers between 1 and 40 inclusive.

    The cost for each bet is $20. A player can bet as many times as he wishes for each
    draw. If the player gets all the six numbers correct (the order is not important) he wins the
    If more than one player wins the six correct numbers the jackpot is shared equally among
    them. The program should be able to record all the players, their bet and the total bet. For
    five, four and three correct (again order is not important) betting consolation prizes are
    awarded. Obviously as the number of correct numbers decreases the number of potential
    winners increases and the prizes decrease also.

    The lecturer told to make use of function..but how and where to start..:S:S

    i know there are many topic on random number on this forum...any reference would be me plz...thx

    p.s sorry for the bad english..:P:P
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    Just use the normal random number generator. Keep generating new numbers until you have 6 unique ones, by comparing the just generated number to the ones generated previously.

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    Or alternatively, fill an array with the numbers from 1 to 40, perform a random shuffle and then just take the first six numbers. You'll need to make sure you use a proper random shuffling technique.
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