Thread: How to Create sparse file with alternate data and hole.

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    How to Create sparse file with alternate data and hole.

    Hi All,

    I have to write a program in c where I have to create a file with known pattern data and hole in it, and it should be such that a 4k data and then it will skip 12K and then again it will write the same 4k data .

    It should be such that

    data hole data hole data
    (4k) (12K) (4k) (12K) (4k)

    Please help me .....

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    Someone actually wants you to write a program that wastes disk space?

    Ok... look up fseek(), fread() and fwrite() in your library documentation. That should give you some beginning ideas to build on.

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    Sparse Files
    If you write your 4K, then seek() forward 12K you may (or may not) end up with a sparse file.

    Sparse files are a feature of your file system, perhaps even your OS, and maybe even your compiler run-time library.
    You need to be more specific than "do this in C".
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