Thread: good book???

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    good book???

    Hey all
    im only reasonable new and i was wondering what everyone thought of the book "C for dummies" as i said im a Newbie, i just ordered this book but wanted 2 no if it was any good,
    thanks pplz

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    While I haven't read it personally, you should be able to find reviews here. (Assuming that this is the actual book title you're talking about.)

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    I have read it. It is an alright introduction book as well as its companion c for dummies volume 2, But if you are serious about programming you should get the K&R c programming book to read after. The dummies books are a great way to introduce someone new to programming but they lacking in anything more. I enjoyed reading them though and some of the humor is actually pretty funny. Keeps the readers attention.
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    I read both books and thought they were good......they were my first "C" books and made the intro into the language enjoyable and not to frustrating (the frustration came later and has not left yet ).

    If you want to learn C or any programming language then you will end up reading loads of books, and these books make a pretty good start......K&R, Stroustrup and all the others will still be there when you finish the dummy books

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