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    Hello, I'm new to C programming, I came across a question asking to a compile a program, I dont know how to go about doing it, if anyone can write the code so I can learn from it, would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's how it goes:

    Build a simplistic C compiler (Filename: assign1.c)

    The program will perform "one pass" of a C-source file (.c) and produce a listing file (.list). A "pass" is the sequential reading of the C-source file, one line at a time, from top to bottom. Each line read from the C-source file will be written in sequence to the listing file, prepended by the line number and colon.

    Example: 1: #include <stdio.h>
    2: int main(int argc, char *argv[])

    At the bottom of the listing file, the program will write the following data concerning the "compiled" C-source file:
    • The total number of lines in the C-source file
    • The total number of occurrences of each of the following reserved words ( "int", "float", "double", "for", "while", "if")
      • Requirement: Your method for checking all reserved words must be extensible; i.e. we should easily be able to add more words without major changes in your code.
      • Bonus: The occurrences must not occur within comments.
      • Bonus: Recognize and act upon #include
    Finally, the program will write any/all "compiler errors". In our simplistic version of a compiler, the only error you are responsible for finding is the number of unmatched curly brackets.

    As input, the program requires the name of the C-source file and the desired name of the output listing file. These two input variables are to be provided by the command-line arguments.

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    Start by implementing the "total number of lines in the C-source file" feature.
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    Actually, start by reading our homework policy. We help people find and fix problems in code they've written, we don't do their homework for them.
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