Thread: files and strings in C??

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    files and strings in C??


    I have a question regarding this code. This code is supposed to extract ASCII values from the input in the file testme.txt (which only contains: KMN) and then convert every character to ASCII (K = 75. M = 77, etc..) but for some reason the code only converts the first character.
    I want to use fscanf only.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void){
        char ac;
        FILE *inp, *outp;
        inp = fopen("testme.txt","r");
        outp = fopen("testme.out","w");
        printf("The number read from the file is %d.\n",ac);
        fprintf(outp,"ASCII was %d.\n",ac);
        return (0);

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    The reason is that you only read the first character

    You could read the characters in a loop instead, ending when EOF is reached. Since you don't appear to have any special formatting requirements, it probably makes more sense to use fgetc instead of fscanf for this.
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    It only reads the first value because you only tell it to read the first value, fscanf is only called once. You need to use a loop.

    inp = fopen("testme.txt", "r");
    outp = fopen("testme.out", "w");
    int x;
    while ((x = fgetc(inp)) != EOF) {
        printf("%d ", x);
        fprintf(outp, "%d ", x);
    fprintf(outp, "\n");

    fgetc() returns a character from a file stream. In the context in which you're only looking for character input, you should use fgetc() instead of fscanf(). fscanf() works, but fgetc() is more efficient. Since I put the x assignment inside the while loop's conditional, x is assigned once every time the loop repeats, and fgetc will return the next character in the stream. The while loop is essentially saying:

    read a character
    if character is not the end-of-file indicator (EOF),
        print character in decimal form to stdout
        print character in decimal form to outp
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