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    debugging with a makefile

    I have written a program that prints out all the permutations of the characters in a string literal. I have a segmentation fault and for the first time using a debugger (gdb). How do I include the -g sign in the makefile. Here is the make file
    list: perm.o data_list.o stack_list.o cmdline.o
    	$(CC) -o perm perm.o data_list.o stack_list.o cmdline.o
    perm.o: perm.c data.h stack.h cmdline.h
    	$(CC) -o perm.o perm.c $(CARGS)
    data_list.o: data_list.c data.h
    	$(CC) -o data_list.o data_list.c $(CARGS)
    stack_list.o: stack_list.c stack.h
    	$(CC) -o stack_list.o stack_list.c $(CARGS)
    cmdline.o: cmdline.c cmdline.h
    	$(CC) -o cmdline.o -c cmdline.c $(OPTS)
    When I type make in the cmd prompt I get -g attached at the end. like so
    gcc -o data_list.o data_list.c -g

    The examples on the net show that -g should follow gcc . I get the error

    In function `_start':
    (.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'

    So I got two problems. It does not even compile and once I go to gdb I and I type any command (for example list) I get the error no symbol table. advice please.

    I see I need to have -c option there my bad. Please answer the second question
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    So what file in there actually has main in it?

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