Thread: Client/Server Programming!!!

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    Client/Server Programming!!!

    I want to build a client/server chat program for the dos environment. I have no idea about socket programming. Is there any tutorial which can help me in this? Any website which explains this?

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    Check out these include files.

    #include <sys/socket.h>
    #include <netinet/in.h>

    You may want to really look at this structure.

    struct sockaddr_in servaddr;

    /* create socket, quit if error */
    	if ( (sockfd = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,0)) <  0) {
    		printf("socket error.\n");
    	/* servaddr values */
    	bzero(&servaddr, sizeof(servaddr));
    	servaddr.sin_family = AF_INET;
    	servaddr.sin_port = htons(atoi(argv[2])); 
    	servaddr.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr(argv[1]);
    	/* connect to server, quit if error */
    	if(connect(sockfd, (SA *) &servaddr, sizeof(servaddr)) < 0) {
    		printf("did not connect!\n");
    	} else
    	/* Send message to server */
    	write(sockfd, serverMessage, strlen(serverMessage));

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    Thanx for ur response. Could you please be more elaborate in your answer. I just wanted to start of with socket programming in C for dos. I cant understand ur code because its complicated for me to comprehend.

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    Well that's why learn about socket programming, BEFORE you ask questions about it. You might want to try Java for this program. It's very similar to C in structure, etc (like the {}'s), but it's all very simplified as far as the variety of functions go. It's C derived so you should pick it up quick, and was designed around this kind of problem. XML will help you a lot too.

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    Thats why i had inlcuded in my question that i need a web site which has some tutorials/books on socket programming.

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