Thread: About mathematical programming problem...

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    About mathematical programming problem...

    #include <stdio.h>int num1;
    void a()
        printf( "%f\n",3.40*num1 );
    void b()
        printf( "%f\n",11.30*num1 );
    void c()
        printf( "%f\n",4.78*num1 );
    int main()
        while (1)
        int input;
    printf ("Enter pairs of item numbers and quantities.\n");
    printf ("Enter -1 for the item number to end input.\n");
        scanf ("%d %d", &input ,&num1);
        switch ( input ) {
            case 1:            /* Note the colon, not a semicolon */
            case 2:
            case 3:
            case -1:
                printf( "The total retail value was USD:\n");
                printf( "Invalid product code:  %d,input\n" );
    what i write the programming is input (product number)<space>(quantity) then it will print the (price according the product number * quantity) .
    but what i want the program is it can total up all the different product price once i type -1.

    Enter pairs of item numbers and quantities.
    Enter -1 for the item number to end input.
    1 1
    2 1
    3 1
    4 1
    Invalid product code:  4
    1 1
    The total retail value was: USD22.88
    This is the output what i need.
    how to write the program that once i input "1 1" then it still can input continuously until i input -1 it will show up sum of the price?
    Please correct my program, thanks.
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    Well you need to store
    printf( "%f\n",3.40*num1 );
    somewhere, not just print it.
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