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    Loop, Inputs

    I've have this assignment which I'm unsure of how to start.

    I'll be asking parts by parts.

    In the first part, the user will be prompted to enter a number of inputs which is undefined. This means he could enter any number of them up till a reasonable number like 256.

    After which, we'll need to read those input and run them thru a switch case to do some simple calculation.

    I'm now stuck on the first part. How to get those input and how to assess them later.

    Thanks for whatever help I'll be getting in advance.

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    Well, why don't you read: Lesson 3: Loops and then Lesson 8: Arrays. I am assuming you know how to do basic input and output.
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    I've tried.

    I tried using a do while loop to get the inputs. however, i have no idea how to store him for use in the later parts.

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    Post #2, 2nd link. Read it.
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