Thread: Query about configuration file.

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    Query about configuration file.

    Hi all,

    I am developing a networking simulation software that has two component -
    GUI - Written in Java
    Backend dll's - Written in c.
    The user configues our s/w using the GUI. The GUI writes a config file (text file) which is then read by the C .dll's and processed accordingly.

    Since some of our customer wants to run our s/w beyond the constraint of the GUI. For doing this, they also need to manually create/edit the config file.

    So, for better usability we are thinking to moving to an xml based config file from the earlier text format. This xml config file is parsed using libxml (The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome)

    I want to know whether our approach of moving to an xml based format is correct or is it better to retain a text based format.

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    Are you going to offer a free tool to convert from the old text format to the XML format?

    Have you actually asked your customers for an opinion?
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