Thread: Open Source and profit...

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    Open Source and profit...

    I've spent 23 years (on and off) developing an action-planning-tool.
    I'm learning C so I can design a prototype so it can be "protected" while I seek venture capital, etc.
    My local-closest-to-guru-guy said I need to be aware of open source library use because if I include certain functions/libraries I would not be able to sell the code due to open source "copyright" or is that "left"?
    I definitely want to sell the tool; I've worked hard on it, will soon work even harder and feel compensation is due...
    I'm not greedy...
    I do want the tool to be widely used...
    Maybe I'd be willing to make the damn thing OS...
    As long as some aspect or service connected with it could generate income...

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    You should read this.
    Jason Deckard

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    Thanks, Deckard!!!

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