Thread: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable in Add/remove Program

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    Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable in Add/remove Program

    This query may seem to be stupid but I'm sorry.I have installed Windows7 in my laptop and while searching in control panel add/remove program I got Microsoft Visual C++ installed.I searched it in my computer but didn't get it.Can I use it to develop C/C++ programs if yes then how ?


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    What you have are the run time libraies... not the compiler.

    To get the compiler you need to install the Windows SDK, or Microsoft Visual Studio (express is free).

    However; if you are doing C (not C++) development you would be further ahead with a standards compliant compiler such as Pelles C or MinGW (Google is your friend).

    (and yes, for the nit pickers, I know MinGw will compile C++)
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