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    Homework class help

    OK, so I have learned so far about getchar/putchar, arrays, varialbes, and control flows. and my homework is writing a program that gets an input from the user and read it char by char. The string has three parts:
    it has two non-negative numbers and an operator (*,-,/,+).
    I need to read this string and output the result of the given input.

    For example, a legal input 3.5+12 will get the output 15.5.

    I have to do this without using arrays and scanf function.
    Also, I am allowed to assume that the input is legal and that there
    is at least one space (' ') between the numbers and the operator.

    Okay, now you may ask-- so what is the problem?

    Well, everything went fine but for example when I enter: 10.345+10
    I get this: 10.345000+10.000000=20.345001.
    Another example is: 10.34 + 123.34, gives the output 10.340000+123.340004=133.680008.
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    I haven't read all of this, but from a glance, I think you mean that it is a relative error, and thus I don't have much to do, right?

    Interesting article, though.

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