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    I am a novice in C++ and I have always been told about the proven potential of C++ in controlling hardware. But HOW?

    Could anyone be please kind enough to inform me of any resources pertaining to C++'s hardware access abillity?

    Thank you very much to all those who replied.

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    A possible direction

    First of all there is a point to be considered ...

    COntrolling H/w through
    a. DOS
    b. Windows
    So, select ur OS.

    If it is DOS, then you again have 2-3 ways...
    1. Direct memory manipulations using pointers.
    2. Using Interrupt Services
    3. Using DOS Routines (inc. BIOS routines)

    If you would like to use Windows then...

    1. Take the help of windows API (if ur appl. needs interaction with windows components)
    2. Go ahead just like dos programming style (if ur application does not need to interact with other apps and also only if u use Windows 9x. Win NT, 2000 etc are not supported in this mode).

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