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    weird function call

    Analyzing a source code, I've bumped into a strange function call. This function is defined with the following prototipe:

     static void nl_kaodv_callback(int sock);
    and the only call of this function nl_kaodv_callback is here:

     if (attach_callback_func(aodvnl.sock, nl_kaodv_callback) < 0) {
    	alog(LOG_ERR, 0, __FUNCTION__, "Could not attach callback.");
    as you can see the function nl_kaodv_callback is called WITHOUT any argument.

    What does it mean???

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    It is not called there. Its address is passed to the other function to call it when appropriate(as a callback...).

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    Yup, you will have to look inside attach_callback_func to know what argument is passed to is.

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    Often programs that deal with threads or concurrent programming will have a function call that passes a function name as an argument. attach_callback_func is going to call nl_kaodv_callback when it's ready.
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