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    char related problem

    i made an odd loop. when i press 'y' , i want to continue the loop but it does not. any one can give me a solution?
    program is given below..

    void main()
    {int n;
    char i='y';
    {printf("Enter a number : ");
    printf("\nSquare of %d is %d",n,n*n);
    printf("\nWould you like to enter another  number? (y/n)");

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    1. If you want your program to loop then, well, you need to use a loop. "if" isn't a loop, it's just a branch point; there's no return. Your loops are called "for", "while", and "do while".
    2. Once you get that in, there is the fact that at the end of the block, the value of i must needs be '\n' (unless you were thinking way ahead and typed "4y" at the prompt). To make %c skip enter-key and read a "normal" character, you need to use a space: " %c".

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    You didn't make a loop - an if() statement is not a loop.

    while ()
    do while()
    Are loops, which test at the start and end of the loop respectively.

    You should also have

    scanf(" %c",&i);Note the initial space in this format string.
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    Additionally, void main is wrong. The minimum C program is:
    int main(void){
         return (0);
    Read about How to define main-FAQ

    Based on you using void main, getch, and conio.h I am going to assume you are also using Turbo C. It is time to get a new compiler. There are plenty of standard compilers out there that are free.
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    ^ What these guys said. And indent your code, it's much easier to read with proper indentation.
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