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    function type void or float

    When do you use void function() and when to use float function()?
    I downloaded some code for the bisection method. It calls a function f:
    float Root(float left, float right, float tol, int *count)
    float p;
    /* the root is bracketed by the values of left and right.
    The value of p is the midpoint of this interval.
    The variable count measures the number of times the algorithm
    while(fabs(left-right) > tol) // program stops when the interval < tol
    	if(f(p) ==0)  return p;
    	if(f(p)*f(right) < 0) left=p; else right=p;
    return p;
    This next part of my main function tries to find the first value of the function f that is less than 0
    while (f(guess) > 0)
            guess = guess + 0.1;
    before calling the function root above.
    my function f is
    float f(float x)
       return c1_global*exp(-2*a_global*x)+eta_glob*((1+0.5*(4*a_global*a_global+1))*cos(x+phi_glob)-2*a_global*sin(x+phi_glob))+b_global*b_global-omega_2_glob;
    However I get an error conflicting types for f. I tried changing it to void (however the original author put float)

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    Changing float for void will not accomplish anything if you still want your function to return a value
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    Quote Originally Posted by a.mlw.walker View Post
    When do you use void function() and when to use float function()?
    Use void when you don't plan on returning anything. Use float when you plan on returning a float.

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